Monday, August 3, 2015

Hate Your Next Door Neighbor but Don't Forget To Say Grace

For those of you, my friends and loved ones, who take pleasure in posting the most current horrific videos attacking Planned Parenthood and the pregnancy terminations that are performed by them, please stop.  They make me cry.  They make me cry because, believe it or not, I am pro-life.  And I cry to think that those of you who know me, who sign “love” when you write me messages, actually think that I support the killing of babies. And for that, I’M outraged!

I am pro-life.  I am pro-baby...for those who are ready or at least have a support network at hand. I am pro-life and thrilled when someone finds themselves surprised (or even shocked) by pregnancy and has the life situation to keep and support it, in spite of not being prepared.  I am thrilled for my friends who were able to adopt because of those who did find themselves pregnant but not prepared...and were brave enough and had the option to share that child with a family who would keep and support it.

Those awful videos you keep posting?  I cry grieving my two miscarriages...tiny souls, potential children, who never made it into this world or our arms.  But you know what? I know that my God (yes, I DO believe in God) took care of my babies.  I have Faith (yes, I also have Faith) that God has allowed the earthy vessels that those souls were carried in to be used for research so that fewer families have to go through the pain and heartache I did. We did. I know those babies returned, whether to me or someone else, for a happy, healthy existence.  

I stand with Planned Parenthood because I am pro-life.  I support them because they will educate the people who are so judged by their families and churches that that cannot seek the information and the protection that will prevent the unwanted pregnancies. They fear talking to those that should support them for fear of being judged. I stand with them because, I want very much to have ALL children wanted.  

Being pro-birth does not make you better than those women who find themselves in a place where they feel abortion is their only way out.  Perhaps you don’t have the same Faith in your God as I do in mine. When you turn away those those who cannot support an unwanted child, you are not pro-life when it comes to those children or you would be waiting to take them in yourself.

So please stop with the videos. This isn’t politics. It isn’t me being “liberal” or you being “conservative”.  This is people.  These are children or the potential for children. It just makes me more determined than ever to support this organization who will educate instead of judge.  They will provide birth control to the youth who have NO ONE they trust enough to approach for help. Planned Parenthood, and those of us that support it, will be there when you and your beliefs will not.

I will pray for you.  I will pray for the children not yet born, that they be born for families who will love them and care for them and bring them up to be warm, loving, non-judgmental people.  And, if it is not their time to be born, I pray their time will come soon and perhaps I will enjoy seeing them running and playing because it was the right time for them to be born to the right people.