Saturday, March 14, 2009


I awoke this morning to the realization that my dreams (actually nightmares it seems) included numbers and budgets. Arrrgh! When I checked the tide table in the paper and found I was right on the end of the low, 0.1 ft. tide, I decided that a trip to the water was exactly what I needed. Putzin' around (my mom's word) the freshly washed rocks, at the base of the jetty, I found juicy little anemones and the most beautiful shells -- pretty lemon-colored and green-striped beauties, huddled among the barnacles. Unfortunately, they were still occupied and I have my rules -- no killing something just cuz it's house would look pretty in MY house. I also came across this nice little shell and I picked it up to find that little crabby dude found it first. Oh well, finders keepers. I headed out on the jetty to watch the surfers for awhile, a great vantage point to be next to or even behind the break. The waves weren't big. Catch one perfect and get a short ride. Hesitate or miss and get nothin'. Lots of boards out though, including this guy on a stand-up paddleboard.Luckily, I was rewarded by the low tide. Three, perfect silver-dollar sized sand dollars and a good pretty orange whelk (I think that's what it is) -- an empty one that was fair game. A great start to my weekend and it feels like I beat another storm to the punch.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Some a*&hole stole the kayak saddles off my roof rack and these were the only lyrics that came to mind! Glo was parked in Arcata by Wildberries last night, attending the Latino Film Festival at the Minor for a CR class. I wonder what worthwhile endeavors the thief engaged in yesterday.

In my experience, surfers don't eff with surfboards so, if I had to guess, a kayaker did not take my Glide and Sets. So, here I am with a roof rack and a kayak but no cradles to hold the boat. I'm screwed if I want to paddle because some d&^khead slime thinks he has the right to simply take what he wants. F*%king non-contributing members of society! They probably get money from some program or grant or mommy and daddy while I have to take money from my checking account, that I EARN, to replace what they took in order to use what I have worked for!

There. I've vented. And... if someone offers you a deal on kayak saddles, give me a call, wouldja? There's a theft report filed with Arcata PD.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


... "small craft warnin' on the radio"
As I often do when 'warned' about an impending storm, I headed to the beach. I opted for Bay Street rather than the Breakers (I'm never sure if my little car will make it out from the rain-rutted jetty lot). The wind was kicking up a bit but not at all cold. In fact, at one point I felt a warm southern breeze come up from behind and I turned expecting a bonfire - it felt like the warm air from the dryer vent.
The waves weren't impressive and seemed way too close together to ride though a few surfers showed up to give it a shot. I watched one give up, no doubt out of boredom. This is an odd storm from the south; I think it's warmer in the driveway than it is in the living room. My Desktop Weather is showing 62˚.... not bad for winter.