Saturday, March 17, 2007

Who is this Beachcomber chick and why should anyone care what she thinks?

This is my first shot actual blogging, as opposed to commenting on the blogs of others. My feelings have generally been that blogs are narcissitic and....they probably are. For me, this will give me a place to vent. A place to chat. A place to feel that what I think has meaning and someone might actually give a crap. Whoops! Did I say that?

When I walk, or ride the motocycle (which I haven't done in AGES), my mind fills with thoughts. My creative juices flow. Maybe because my job requires constant attention and coming home brings the start of "what's for dinner?", my mind jumps at the opportunity to whirl around and do things. A good walk on the beach will do the same which is where the title came from. Walking on the beach, looking for shells or the occasional agate, always with a camera my thoughts are free to wander. Whether it's anger or sheer joy at the stormy waves and spray in my face, I always feel better after a walk in the sand. And, if I come home with a perfect little sand dollar from King Salmon or a nice smooth agate from Big Lagoon, all the better.

Who am I? I'm a full-time working mom, lately better at the former than the latter. I like to cook. I like to garden though I don't have a huge yard and my gardens are free form and unstructured, as am I. Mark says that someday, I'll be that odd old lady dancing the "ethereal dance" in bare feet at the farmer's market, oblivious to the world. He's probably not far off.

I'm a little hippie. I'm a rabid recycler--I HATE waste of any kind. I'm pretty progressive. I love to listen to music and am pretty open to anything new. Still haven't found much hip hop or country that I like though some "crossover" stuff is tolerated. I listen to modern rock on the radio. My iPod on shuffle will have me walking to Tony Bennett, Flogging Molly, Cream, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Depeche Mode in the same short walk. I love taking pictures and will probably share some here. I hate having my picture taken, though, so may have trouble with a photo of me. I'm pretty conservative when it comes to law enforcement and cracking down on meth labs and non-contributing members of society but very liberal (ew, the "L" word) when it comes to legalizing pot and taxing it. In Humboldt County, our budget would be fat in no time. And pot heads don't scare me -- tweakers do!

So that's me in a funny little nutshell. Birkenstocks and motorcycle boots. Dark microbrews and cheap pink wine. Clem Snide and 3 Doors Down. Hopefully, as time goes on, I'll have interesting things to say about all.

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Katie Burke said...

OK Now your starting to freak me out!
I love a long walk on the beach. Preferably on the ocean but the lake will do. I am a snowboarding, kayaking, hiking, biking, cooking, gardening, recycling, veggie eating, Mom and very happily married.
When my I-Pod is on shuffle it could be, Bob Marley, Herb Albert, Whitesnake, B-52's, Ventures.
When are you coming?