Saturday, August 18, 2007


I could SO be a professional berry picker. Is there such a thing? I guess it would involve traveling but, in our family, I’ve got the fastest fingers. Check out these beauties. Gloria and I had puppy duty so we took Vince with us down to the turnout by the old tallow works on Herrick. I remembered seeing bushes along the path but, upon checking, they were still green. Undaunted, we walked down to the slough but found no berries there either. There WERE a bunch along the road so, while she supervised the sniff-happy dog, I picked and picked and picked. Considering there not very many bushes, I ended up with four baskets full and nary a stain on my hand. Then we came home and I made a pass down the alley behind our garage for another couple of baskets. I had plenty to make my second batch of jam this season and put away a tray in the freezer. I figure I should be able to make one more batch before the berries are done for the year. Then I HAVE to cut down those brambles behind the garage. I think there's a couch under there.

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