Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I felt his hands run down my legs.He loosened my gown and I felt the electricity as it surged through my body....tingling down to my toes. What a way to start the day. Oh, who am I kidding? Not as sexy as it sounds; totally G-rated physicaltherapy. Dammit! It sucks getting old.

Just for Blog Picnic ID purposes, let me say that the chick in the photo is NOT me. I've had lower back pain for ages. Nothing excruciating. Nothing I can't live with but I do get whiny on occasion. I've done chiropractic and love getting twisted and popped on occasion but, unfortunately, it did nothing for the long-term pain. I took Pilate's last semester. I now have a rock-hard six pack (I'll show you next time I remove it from it's padded insulation) but still was bound up.

So, now I'm on to the next step. Physical therapist, Dave, evaluated me and finds that my muscles are just too damn tight. Likely the minor back pain caused me to baby my back. So, he stretched me. I stretched myself. He added little zapping things while I stretched my calves. I'm to keep on going, three times a day. I am too young to feel this old and I will once again have a spring in my step. Maybe I'll be able to do whatever it is that Gumbi here above is doing.


Kym said...

Hope your back starts feeling better. When you get your rock hard abs unpacked, let me know. I'll pull my slender thighs from their quilted underwear...

Mary said...

Hi this is your niece Mary, that is a hilarious picture! I hope you feel better soon.