Wednesday, December 17, 2008

These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Mom's winter adventure has been a road trip in the aftermath of our seasonal "hard freeze". Driving to Sacramento via Highway 20, I encountered the white stuff pretty solid from the Peg House to Laytonville where it mostly dissipated except for those sucky little shady spots. My lowrider xB and I survived however and I'm sitting comfortable in my motel room thinking I need to take one more stab at the scrooges.
Our Christmas tree is up and decorated with our odd conglomeration of family ornaments. Many are homemade, like this one. I believe this is Mark's masterpiece. When we were first married and living in South Carolina, we was broke. No ornaments for the free tree we scrounged from a tree lot the day before Christmas so we made some out of salt dough. Most have not survived the years but I'm glad his elfen dude made it.

This one was made by Gloria in kindergarten. My guess is there are hundreds of children who strung wooden beads as a "pattern" project in Jane Nelson's kindergarten class at Marshall Elementary. Glo assures me it was HARD to stuff the yarn into the bead holes. Similarly, Hope stitched buttons on the felt tree in Jennifer Sanders' Second grade class at Marshall.

Other ornaments on our tree are mementos. This little Minnie was bought at Disneyland on a trip we made when Monica was five.

The little Girl Scout was purchased in Savannah, when Hope and I made a trip with our Girl Scout troop - a very special pilgrimage to Juliette Lowe's Birthplace.

During the holidays, I see theme trees and trees decorated to match the home decor. They're all so pretty but, at our house, decorating the tree is a chance to reminisce as we hang our ornaments where they can best be admired. The girls each have personal ornaments (Hope and I each got a Girl Scout in Savannah) that will move with them. Monica has hers and her sisters will someday take their ornaments to new homes so that their pasts can be included in their futures.


Indie said...

Nice :)

Kym said...

I love Christmas trees like this. Theme ones are okay but collections of loved objects are the best. My tree is full of beautiful individual ornaments that have meaning to me and my boys.

Sandi said...

I actually tried doing a theme tree this year due to the awesome after Christmas sale at Target last year. It's pretty and all, but it just doesn't have the usually funky sparkle it normally has. But, with the new kittens, I'm glad they're breaking these ornaments rather than ones I hope to have forever.

beachcomber said...

Sandi, as a cat woman of much experience, I recommend bells. We hang a variety of bell "ornaments" on the lower branches of the tree to alert us to kitten activity (as well as Vince's wagging tail). Keep a water bottle nearby to grab as a deterrent. It usually doesn't take more than one good drenching before the kittehs catch on.

Thanks Indie and ain't fancy but it's home.