Thursday, January 29, 2009


After 33 years of marriage, shouldn't we be doing better than THIS?! Seriously. A crappy table with mismatched chairs for our family meals? Actually, this is what we managed to cobble together after the great table migration we experienced this week.

We were using an old table as a kitchen "island" - my way of making tolerable an woefully intolerable kitchen. I finally replaced that with an actual kitchen cart that, while smaller, actually is more attractive and offers some additional storage in the cabinets beneath.

As luck would have it, I also decided it was time to sell our overly ornate dining room set. It was very pretty but its claw feet and press-back chairs were lipstick on a pig - they just didn't fit our very plain, OLD farmhouse. I want to replace it with a simpler design but first this one had to go. I've had the set listed on Craigslist (because it's FREE and I'm CHEAP) with no action so finally listed it in the Tri-City

So, Sunday night, I listed the old table on freecycle. Monday morning the Tri-City was printed and apparently available to anyone knowledgeable enough to get the fresh paper from the office. No sooner had Mark handed off the free table then someone calls on the dining room set and it's sold. It occurs to us Monday night, we have no place to sit and eat. DANG!

We've come to enjoy our dinner in the living room with the view of the dreamy Mark Harmon on NCIS but breakfast is another matter. We read the paper at the table over coffee and toast. We ...... don't have a table. Mark thought of using the ironing board - a wee bit narrow but it's long! Then I remembered the sewing table. At least it's flat. So we pulled out every ugly chair we had hidden in the far reaches of the house and the kitchen step-stool so now have a place to breakfast. If this was a restaurant, no one would get a tip. The ambiance sucks!

The vacancy left by the table would seem to be a good time to get the piano gone. We've had it on loan for the years when Glo took lessons but, save for Monica's Shane, no one tickles the ivories much anymore. I called the owner and she's trying to find a large corner so it can remain in her family. Hopefully, the piano will go away while there is room to maneuver in the vacant dining room. In the meantime, Sunday dinner looms. Maybe a Japanese theme would be good. We have a coffee table and a few pillows.....


Fred said...

We always eat dinner on the futon in the living room while watching TV.

Breafast, I eat it sitting on the living room floor while reading the morning paper, Connie either eats it while on the futon or, if she's just having a bagel, she just walks around eating it.

Lunch: If I don't buy something at a local fast food joint, I eat it sitting here at the computer.

Sandi said...

That's exciting stuff - room to grow! I normally eat standing up in the kitchen while the kiddos eat at the bar in the breakfast nook. Hubby and I work opposite shifts so we rarely eat together.

Indie said...

We've recently cleared all my school paperwork from the table and started eating our meals there. It's a good way to get a moment with my son.

I like your saying: "Lipstick on a pig." Cute!

Anonymous said...

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