Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pomp pomp pompomp pompompompompomp pomp

OK...so I don't know the lyrics to Pomp and Circumstance (are there lyrics?) but I know from experience that the bands are tired of playing after the HSU and CR graduations last weekend. It actually began Friday night with the "Matriculation" ceremony for Academy of the Redwoods. The members of the first graduating class received recognitions, scholarships were dealt and a class photo was taken prior to the RiverLodge being transformed for the Prom which Glo attended until the wee hours.

The morning dawned early and frantic, starting at Monica's 8:30 walk at HSU. We grabbed Nana, found a decent parking place and caught the shuttle to the Redwood Bowl, arriving in plenty of time. I tried frantically to get a good picture of my first-born receiving her Bachelor's in Journalism but, since many didn't comply with the two minute limit in the photo pit, and there was a genetic vertical impairment in play, I barely caught sight of her as she descended the steps. Caught her coming in though. Unfortunately, with all the speeches and commendations, we had to be the people who leave as soon as their children perform in order to make the 11:00 Commencement at CR. We left as politely as possible, hustling to the shuttle to return to our car to get on the freeway and blast south where we came into the CR gym with just moments to spare before the first strains of Pomp and Circumstance began. My flash was being uncooperative so I didn't get a good shot of Gloria in her cap but this group shot is most of what is being called the "First Edition"; these kids graduated with their two-year degrees from CR while simultaneously completing high school. I wish it had been noted in the program since it would be quite a feather in the cap of CR but the Academy of the Redwoods early-college high school was well represented. So, two out of our three girls received proof of their education in one day. When it next becomes Hope's turn, hopefully she will be the only one walking and the day can be more relaxed and she won't have to share the spotlight. We're awfully proud of these two smarties.

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Anonymous said...

AAhhhh yes, Three Toppings done gradeated and out to take on the world....The world is a better place.

Now, get those damn scooters and Scions off of the street!