Sunday, November 8, 2009


You don't have to know me well to know that a "high surf advisory" or a call to stay off the beach is just taunting me. Hey, I'm careful. And I DON'T go on the jetty when the seas are up....I'm crazy but I'm not stupid.

I took a couple mental-health days this week....they weather was so calm and sunny early in the week I had hoped to get in a few paddles. By the end of the week, however, a storm was brewing so the kayak stayed in dry dock but I still took the opportunity for some beach time.

I drove to Camel Rock when the surf was whomping the rocks from all directions. The sky was blue but the water was churning, wrapping itself around the rocks in torrents. Tide had been high at Moonstone but left no treasures except for evidence of apparently a LOT of little naked crabs running around somewhere. At Power Poles, the foam chased me up the dunes so I chose not to walk far up the beach. Very awesome storm. I won't even mind going back to work tomorrow.

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Indie said...

Awesome photos! I feel very remiss that, even though I could hear it going wild, I never went down the beach to see what the ocean was up to.

By the way, I saw your listing of "Rapid Roy" in your column over on the right. Then I started singing it and realized I still know every word:

Rapid Roy, that stock-car boy
He don't know what fear's about
He go a hundred-thirty mile an hour
Smiling at the camera
With a toothpick in his mouth

Love that image!!!!