Tuesday, April 6, 2010

She's Leaving Home....bye bye.....

So many changes have been taking place these last few weeks with all three girls in transition - one daughter is in the metamorphic stage of ending a relationship, another moving, yet again, this time back from McKinleyville into Eureka. And now, the old man and I are contemplating a life as empty-nesters as the youngest princess is embarking on a move out of the castle.

In a perfect world, we would return to something akin to our early days, the five child-free years between wedding and Ms. Monica when we could do what we wanted when we wanted...and do it naked if we cared to. If that included a spontaneous amorous encounter on the sofa, so be it (different couch entirely girls so get over it). Unfortunately, as boomers who chose to spread their child-bearing over a number of years, we're not as amorous, nor as limber as we once were. Our new life, once the urchin vacates, will probably involve eating what we want, when we want.... and that's about it.

Now that Glo is gainfully employed, her plan is to move in with her boyfriend. The conversations regarding our "no revolving door policy" have fallen on deaf ears as they have in the past with her sisters and she has begun to pack for this new phase of her life. No anger involved, just excitement on her part and sadness on ours knowing our baby has grown up and old enough to survive on her own. We remind ourselves (regularly) that I was younger than her 18.25 years when we got married and I left home. I survived. She will survive. And we will begin the transition to speaking to her as an adult rather than the child she remains in our minds.

When we were young and unencumbered by offspring, we considered no one other than ourselves. When he worked on City buses and had to run a bus from Santa Cruz to, say Watsonville to exchange for another in need of service, I would go along for the ride. Just two of us alone in a 50-passenger transit bus, cruising Highway 1 at sunset. Now, I will probably accompany him to tow a bike after he closes the shop and perhaps we'll grab dinner instead of cooking. And our dinners will probably include more sausage and pork and other things kids don't like. And we may return to a life with a little less structure and a little more spontaneity. We'll probably bicker more but...hell, maybe we'll bicker less.

Of course, the kids have lived for fifteen years in this huge rattle-trap of a house with peeling paint and sub-standard bathrooms and now that we're finally fixing these things properly, they're gone (not their fault we took so long). The goal is to finish it all, enjoy it for a time, then move to a smaller place without stairs in deference to our geriatric knees. and it will be in town so I can still get around when they rip my driver's license from my wrinkly little fingers.

Perhaps I'm thinking too far ahead; after all, Glo hasn't even emptied her closet and that alone could take a while.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha that is too funny..... we just went through this. The biggest thing you will notice is the PG&E bill. Ours went down by half. And sleeping with the bedroom door open and not sleeping with one ear open waiting for someone to come home. It actually is very nice and now a treat when they come home. Enjoy it!!! Anna

Gloria said...

Yeah now it's a treat to see me. :)

beachcomber said...

Anna, it WILL be nice to actually sleep and not wonder "did she come home?". We've always made them check in but, truthfully, sometimes we're less aware than others...

And Glo? It's always a treat to see you, honey.

JerrySue said...

Wow! I am so glad to hear Glo found a job. Where? Good luck to all of you. I'm just happy all my kids (sons-in-laws too) are working. Dad is not at the moment; but hey, we did for many years. This economy in the NW sucks! Good for one reason--I get to play on the computer most of my working days, ha! Love ya, Jer

Indie said...

So wonderfully well-written, capturing all the feelings, tiny dreads mixed with tiny hopes, of the empty nest.

My youngest tried moving out early (16) and predictably is back. He said, "Mom, it was really immature of me to think I was mature enough to do that."

I looked at my nearly mature son (now 17) and suddenly realized I too had been completely immature and clueless when I moved out and so was everyone I know.

I said, "It's ok. Getting out there and trying it is how we learn to do it."

Best wishes to Glo.

Gloria said...

@Aunt Jer - I work as a dispatcher for a cab/Ambulance company.
@Indie - Thanks. :)