Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Don't Make Me Laugh...

In the olden days, there were party lines. For you younguns, that was when two households shared a phone line - that's right, not just two family members but two homes. Separate families. SHARING!. I suspect that there was a price break though it may have just been too expensive to have a private line. We shared with the neighbor who was rather intolerant our house with chatty teens with our chatty ways. She would occasionally come to the door and demand we vacate the line. Occasionally we would.

We have now progressed to cellular devices. Or have we? When the text came in, I didn't recognize the number:

INCOMING TEXT: Wus up beezy?
ME: not sure you want to know. Wrong # I presume.
IT: Wat?
ME: Who are you? This is Debbie.
IT: Oh Im sorry wrng numbr. But wat r u doin tho?
ME: you're funny...I'm working.
IT: Im not tryna b funny. But, how old r u debbie?
ME: old...really old.
IT: Married?
ME: very
IT: Alrite. Im sorry 4 takin u away from your work. It was nice chatin wit u. And by the way, my name is Don.
ME: bye Don.

I figured this inane text "conversation" was over...then again with the "beepbeepbeep"

DON: U kno later maybe wen u get a break if u feel like chatting a little more y dnt u give me a buzz? If u feel like it. No pressure.

Dood, are you serious? Does this work for people? I told him I'm old. I told him I'm married. I USE PUNCTUATION in text message for craps sake. I tried to Google search the phone number but no luck. Did he really expect me to jump on this opportunity with someone who can't spell worth shit? C'mon! Are people really lonely enough to get picked up by a wrong number? Please tell me "no".


Hope said...

lol!!!! this is hilarious!!

beachcomber said...

I can give you Don's number 4wen u get a break if u feel like chatting...

Fred said...

A lot of people spell like that when chatting online or texting with cell phones because it saves time and space. I know when I play Aces High I use u instead of you because space is limited in the text field and shortening words can sometimes allow you to complete your whole sentence rather than having to send it out in fragments.

beachcomber said...

Oh Fred... I know the practical reasoning...it's just disconcerting when you get hit on at work on your cell phone by a wrong number. And if you start trying to pick up women on the interwebs, I recommend good punctuation. Chicks DIG punctuation.

Tapperass said...

Are people really lonely enough to get picked up by a wrong number? Please tell me "no".

Many a love stories began this way...

Sandi said...

OH EM GEE! That's hilarious but then again u r a hawtie :-).

Indie said...

I love your answer.
How old r u?
Old. Really old.