Monday, May 26, 2008


We joined the throngs on the Plaza cheering the start of this year's Kinetic Grand Championship, including Queen Monica Blues on board the Counterfeit Bluesmobile. After lunch, I decided to take the dog to Deadman's Drop.....what in the WORLD was I thinking. I just feel bad leaving him home if I head to the sand. He did OK but had to stay on the leash due to the dozens of dogs running loose. Just for the record, I question the manhood of any man who feels the need to run an "unaltered" pit bull loose on the beach. I suspect the dog has more cojones than the owner....just sayin'.

Anyway, see what I found on the beach. Very surreal. The crew of the Counterfeit Bluesmobile was having ENTIRELY too much fun. Vince (the dog) however, was not...I cannot even begin to explain the frantic look in his eyes when he beheld the vision that was the enormous pink and orange Hippyotomus. Then it honked. Oh Lord.... my arms still ache from holding on to that leash. Anyway, Vince survived the trauma and I had to share this photos since few people get out to see this part of the course.


Monica... Media Professional said...

Thank you Mom!!

Due to a complete lack of energy, I'm directing all of my readers to you and Boy for photos. :-) I'll tell stories later.

Dang, I need a shower!

For Hobart!

Max said...


JUST BILLY said...

well, i am not to terribly sure who this is, but judging by one of the bloggers comments i would have to say it was one of the queens...?

well this is...


just wanting to say what a nice picture and well thing this is.