Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Mother and Child Reunion.....

I woke up this morning and was treated to breakfast (waffles no less) by Hope and Glo. I don't require much for Mother's Day -- I told Mark to take back the diamonds he had surely bought for the occasion -- except for a break from cooking and cleaning up. I actually enjoy cooking but it's really nice to be the Princess for a change. Once a year, I get to spread out the Sunday papers, have my morning mocha and let someone else cook. Yummy waffles, girls. Thank you.

I forgot to pickup marigolds this week, my annual Mother's Day tribute to my mom. It was not unusual to find Mom in the garden and we had a variety of plants but, for some reason, I remember marigolds. When I catch the scent of marigolds at the nursery, I picture mom with a flat of the puffy little bronze flowers, on her knees in the back yard. I try and pick up a six-pack or two to plant on Mother's Day. This year they'll be a bit late.

My mom, Aggie Limandri, was the youngest of nine kids born to the Goettlichers in Eau Claire, Wisconsin -- five of which had come over from Austria with my grandmother in 1910; I still haven't found the manifest from my grandfather's earlier trip but I haven't given up. My mom and her friends would often take Sunday drives and take pictures of each other in their new outfits. Seems odd but I'm grateful I have so many pictures like these...that's her on the right, cuttin' up with "Beets and Art". Seeing nicknames like "Beets" written in my mom's hand, make me smile every time I go through these pictures. We lost Mom to Alzheimer's a few years ago but Mother's Day is still hers.


Kym said...

I do a genealogy research so I took a stab at your problem. Without knowing your grandparents given names. I searched Wisconsin and found a carl or Charles living there of the right age.

I searched passenger manifests from 1900 to 1910 and found a Karle Godliecher (names are often misspelled) who came over in August 1910. he was born abt 1871 which matches the age of the Carl/Charles in Eau Claire.
Departed from:
Bremen, Germany
Ship Name: Cassel
Port of Arrival: Baltimore, Maryland
Friend's Name: Josefa Krestin
Last Residence: Mähren

Mahren is a town in Austria and one of the Goetllichers sons (I think Joe) WW1 registration lists him as being born in a town that looks like Mahren --though the handwriting is difficult to read.

Also Karle lists a wife as next of kin
Here is a picture of the ship.

Hope that helps. Let me know if there is something else I can do.

BTW, I loved your post.

Kym said...

BTW, one of your uncle's WW1 registrations list his occupation as a baker and the Karle on the ship Cassel is also a baker.

And I was able finally to decipher his final destination Eau Claire Wisconsin. This Karle was also traveling with his son Karle. The wife of the elder Karle's name is something like Hoisie which might be Louise or that might be what she anglecized her name to.

beachcomber said...

You're amazing. You have found my Grandpa Karl. I hadn't gotten to the point of checking other ports since my Grandma had come through Ellis Island. My Uncle Charlie was a baker. Grandma was Aloysia. Dang you are SO good. This should get me going again on digging family history.

Kym said...

I enjoy doing this. Glad I got the right guy. I was pretty sure but didn't know all the details.

Dogmom said...

Wow Kym! :)

Happy Belated Mothers Day, Beachcomber.