Sunday, October 19, 2008


The poopy autumn weather touched my inner wimp and kept me indoors. Hardly freezing but cold enough that I couldn't convince myself to head out on the water. It made for perfect pie-bakin' weather, though.

I gathered up my bag o'apples - I can't say I necessarily agree with Clif Clendenen's politics or personal beliefs but the man grows a fine apple. I picked these up at the Co-op, a variety of Clif's best. I rolled out my crust - just a plain crust with a little bark and twigs added (actually sesame seeds and flaxmeal) for texture. Then I pulled out my all-time favorite kitchen gadget, the .... apple peeler-corer-slicer-thingie. When we lived in Nevada and autumn meant a family road trip to Apple Hill near Placerville, I saw one of these demonstrated at a farm and HAD to have it. It was the best purchase ever. Makes quick work out of preparing for apple pie. The only downside to it is its distaste for misshapen apples. If you've a wonky fruit, it has some difficulty with the balance thing. so I just choose carefully when shopping for pie fruit. The kids don't even mind helping when they get to use this. And the hens think the peels are worms so everyone's happy!
I sliced up the apples, tossed them with the cinnamon and lemon juice, adding a little fresh nutmeg and ginger and heaped them into the crust. I wasn't in the mood for a fussy edge so just threw the edges over the top.
I think last night Rice Krispie treats are a lovely balance to this still life. Anyone for a la mode?


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Indie said...

Whew, I put on a few pounds just reading this post! I LOVE MY APPLE PEELER TOO! My friend Angela and I made apple butter last fall and the peeler was the highlight of the experience. We didn't know how it worked, had to figure it out and were so very pleased with ourselves when we did!

Your pie looks wonderful. When I'm too lazy for top crusts, I make a crumb crust and no one's complained yet. I'm going to try putting in your "sticks and twigs" to my next pie.

And Fieldbrook Apples are at the farmers market. They grow one called the jumbo red that grows up to 4 pounds and will make an entire pie. I have no idea what the owners' politics are, though. :)

McKinleyville Kris said...

I love the look of the folded over crust! I am inspired, now, to do something with those apples from my neighbors across the road.