Saturday, November 15, 2008


Hope and I took Vince for a run on the beach today. Humboldt was out in force, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.
The water looked oddly thick, like cold lava that rolled up the beach, wrapping our ankles with November chill.Vince apparently had plans to be elsewhere. China perhaps?
A girl, her pooch and his poop. We clean up after ourselves.
UPDATE: A gratuitous after photo for ya, CPR.


Indie said...

I had a busy day and had no chance to get out and enjoy this gorgeous weather. I will enjoy it vicariously through your blog. I smiled at the "girl, her dog and his poop." What cool people you are.

Kym said...

Great pictures especially of the dog digging.

Did you use Joe's method for scooping the poop?;>

beachcomber said...

Indie, I hope you got out Sunday since it was just as nice.

Yes, Kym, I'm sure Joe also uses the "hand in bag" method. Not sure what we'll do without the blue bags the ER was kind enough to wrap the paper in. Hope's not thrilled about the job anyway and REALLY doesn't like using a clear bag.

Carson Park Ranger said...

Great photo of Vince.
Got a snort out of me!

Sandi said...

Great shots! So very pretty.