Sunday, March 1, 2009


... "small craft warnin' on the radio"
As I often do when 'warned' about an impending storm, I headed to the beach. I opted for Bay Street rather than the Breakers (I'm never sure if my little car will make it out from the rain-rutted jetty lot). The wind was kicking up a bit but not at all cold. In fact, at one point I felt a warm southern breeze come up from behind and I turned expecting a bonfire - it felt like the warm air from the dryer vent.
The waves weren't impressive and seemed way too close together to ride though a few surfers showed up to give it a shot. I watched one give up, no doubt out of boredom. This is an odd storm from the south; I think it's warmer in the driveway than it is in the living room. My Desktop Weather is showing 62˚.... not bad for winter.


Fred said...

Wow. We must be best friends. We both use

e. said...

Gorgeous photos!

Indie said...

Wow, incredible clouds!

Pixel Queen Photography said...

Gorgeous shots. I love the clouds you captured.

Anonymous said...

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