Sunday, June 14, 2009

If You'll Be My Dixie Chicken

New to the household this spring are these little girls - my flock of six little peeps. Although Glo and Hope have each given one a rapper name, I'm fighting them with my own ideas. There are two Buff Orpingtons who will retain their honey-gold coloring. - I'm thinking Ginger and Honey West. There are two New Hampshire Reds that will probably look exactly like Rhode Island Reds because, after all, Rhode Island is small enough that some trampy poultry could have snuck out up to New Hampshire and started a new brood. I'm toying with Scarlet and Ruby for them. Then there is one Delaware that will be white with black wing tips and one Austrolorp which will be a gorgeous black hen with dark eyes (I've had those before). I'm toying with Julia and Mabel respectively. As Mark is building their new dwelling, they are living in their washtub, eatin' and poopin'. What a difference a fortnight makes ... from fluffy little Easter treats, they've turned into gawky little birds and the girls aren't as fond of them. "They're feet are bumpy and weird."Aw, lookit that face. I'm hoping for some sunnier weather so they can be moved out to their new digs without a huge adjustment - they ain't smellin' like roses these days. In the meantime, the old hens are in the old pen, keeping us in green eggs until it's time for them to go "on holiday"... that was a Chicken Run reference, for those who aren't familiar. Unless Mommazilla over at Cheaper Than Therapy wants to let them run at her place.


Sandi said...

Oh my, they are adorable. The hubs would kill me if I brought anything else home that meows, chirps, quacks or barks. Taters fully approves of your names - in fact, I think we've had past chicks with similar titles :-).

Fred said...

Make sure the raccoons don't get them.

Raven said...

Watch-out for the Hawks, coons and the foxes.

I kinda like the black one the best.


beachcomber said...

Aw come on Sandi, he won't notice a few more mouths, I mean 'beaks'.

Fred and Raven, their house has a tight lid with fencing up to the top and Raven, I'm sure you would appreciate the awesome color she will have when she grows to fun hen-ness.

Anonymous said...

"I will be your Tennessee lamb"
So awesome. I love the one sticking it's little head up! I also got a kick out of the story about your "Chick" pen. LOL I love that you didn't want to call anyone. I wouldn't either. My charming children would surely post it to YouTube befor letting me out.