Sunday, June 14, 2009

Walkin'....Yes Indeed....Walkin'

I think Glo is FINALLY done graduating. After two weeks out of CR classes as well as finishing up with Academy of the Redwoods, she walked with Fortuna High on Friday and it was with mixed emotions. It's been almost a month since walking at CR but, since AR is officially part of the Fortuna Union High School district, it is FUHS District that would issue their diplomas. The administration there was smart enough to realize that the first ever graduating class from AR was a huge deal, with most of them completing their two-year college degree concurrently with high school requirements. . The superintendent asked our kids to stand and be recognized at Friday's ceremony, at least appreciating the dollars in seat-time these kids brought to Fortuna.

The administration at Fortuna High seem to appreciate AR but, somewhere, the Husky students learned to treat them like outcasts, never really welcoming them at FUHS events. From scowls and outright hostility at the proms to having cash and belongings stolen at dances, the AR kids agreed to walk only because the AR administration thought it would show them to be the bigger people. As a carrot, they were offered the ability to participate in the Safe and Sober event after graduation. If that was an incentive, someone should have told the Fortuna High kids. If Glo had a buck for every time she heard the term "those stupid AR kids" between the early Friday morning Senior breakfast they were expected to attend, through the grad practice and the three a.m end to Safe and Sober, she could have bought her own damn car. I guess someone forget to tell these kids they live in the "Friendly City".

At least that obligation is complete and she's finally done with high school. Now, to find a job and figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. One more time, congratulations Glo.


Anonymous said...

You wait til I tell Irwin! They'll probably end up kicking him out of Fortuna....oh yeah...too late...already happened.

It's sad when students have to be such little shits. Did you know that because of how she was treated by students and staff at Eureka High, when Shauna recieved her diploma...she walked right out of Albee Stadium in front of everyone and didn't look back. Right in the middle of the ceremony. It was a great stance. And I supported her fully.

Good going Glo!

beachcomber said...

Shauna is brilliant! Funny how it's the really good kids that get ignored in favor of the ..... favored kids. I wish I would have been there to cheer that action on.