Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane

The sun came out this afternoon so I took the opportunity to run some outgoing up to the mailroom and take the long way back to the office. Walking behind the field house towards the stadium, I spotted this guy in the path, all appendages tucked away, covered with the dried remains of pond plants, only the tiniest hint of a snout and claws held a clue that this was no rock. The hare was nowhere to be seen.

Less-than-average rainfall this winter left my pond walks around campus lacking treasures; the spots where last year I spotted hundreds of pollywogs are all but dry, the water starting far beyond my reach. I'm sure Speedy was bored and left for wetter pastures and, angry though he may have been, I took it upon myself to transport him to a more appropriate environment. Naturally, I wore a skirt today so I was less than demure as I climbed through the brambles and snags to find a clear bank but I found him some bog nonetheless. I startled a frog or two with my crashing about so I figure it must be friendlier territory for amphibians than the warm asphalt of the gym parking lot.


Sandi said...

That's so cool! I can just imagine you out there traversing the wild in order to save Speedy. Very cute :-).

Anonymous said...

Aww, now the hare won!

(But you probably saved the turtle's life!)

Carol said...

Do you think it is Humboldt Turtle?

Indie said...

Great story!!! And he's so cute! You saved him; he was probably stranded and maybe even lost.