Friday, January 7, 2011

Hang Me Up to Dry

It’s the start of a brand new year and I haven’t posted a blog since autumn. Is that better than posting even though I have nothing to say? I know Fred wouldn’t agree - I'm surprised he hasn't commented with a "there's nothing to see here...close it down". Sometimes it’s best to “leave `em wanting more’. I’ve been to the beach. I made ricotta cheese. I baked piles of Christmas cookies. I've dabbled with blog-fodder but the holidays were cold and wet and had thoughts that were mere seeds lacking warmth for germination. I haven’t formulated enough to write about them but maybe listing them will help them bear fruit:
  • I have friends and relatives that are battling medical maladies of all sorts. It scares me. I hope I’ve been doing everything in my power to keep us healthy. I hear people question God’s plan in these matters but I believe that God has given us tools - he doesn’t force us to use them.
  • I have acquaintances, that have survived their holidays grieving the loss of a loved one. One in particular has an amazing support system in place that allowed her to be non-traditional. She set aside the Christmas tree and instead took a small trip with friends and celebrated with a fancy dinner al fresco. She has plans for all of the important holidays in her near future to keep her mind busy and her heart distracted. I’m sure she will slowly get back into holiday mode but I think she’s dealing brilliantly and is so fortunate to have good friends in her life.
  • I see couples in the cuddly and demonstrative phase of their relationships and sometime envy that excitement. Then I remember that my marriage has hung in when others packed it in. We may not lust openly but I like the fact that I’m still cuddling on the couch with the same guy after 35 years, even if we’re watching TV and not copping a feel under the blankets. Giving this up for a flash of excitement is unthinkable!
  • I have an old relationships that leave me questioning WHY I keep trying? Not my marriage though it IS Mark who wonders why I keep trying. I’m not really sure. The communications are few and far between and, frankly, a drag. Just once, you’d like to hear something happy when you ask “howsit goin?”. As I’ve told the girls when old friendships turn sour, sometimes you just move apart and don’t have anything in common and I suppose that sometimes you have nothing BUT history. Is that enough? Should it be enough to maintain a friendship?

I leave you with a few pictures I’ve shot in the past few months. Maybe the new year will bring some inspiration to my sluggish brain.


Fred said...

I know Fred wouldn’t agree - I'm surprised he hasn't commented with....

I was thinking of it.

Kristabel said...

If Fred posts that on my blog again, he's gonna get a big "F*#@ off" instead of the more polite "shut up" he got last time. It really irks me when people act like that. Write what you want and when you's your blog (a fabulous one that I love to read.) If people don't want to see the same post for awhile...then they don't have to visit.

But besides that, I'm so impressed with your cheese. It looks amazing! How'd it taste? I wanted to take the cheesemaking class at the co-op, but it's full.

So fun to run into you in Loleta a few weeks ago. Next time we'll have to share chocolate croissants and conversation in the bakery.


Fred said...

Ok. Just for that I'm going to post on your blog again.