Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Found My Groove...Baby I Found My Groove

Why did it take me so long to experience Stone Lagoon? I have no clue but it was stunningly beautiful. Nineteen of us showed for a planned outing of Explore North Coast, mostly members but a few checking out the group joined in a paddle that held no threats or weather concerns, welcomed vessels of all sorts and promised to have perfect weather - especially for a mid-winter morning.

After working our way through the reeds and attempting to explore the creek on the south side, we headed to a boat-in campground for lunch. Never having been there, I didn't recognize the level of the lagoon was high...until we tied off to a picnic table that was sitting in the water, when it normally sits well above.
After a rather extravagant potluck, hauled in on a raft towed behind a member's kayak, Marna Powell led us on a tour of the six campsites and several spruce trees of awesome proportions.

It turned out that I DID remember how to paddle but had forgotten the finer points of my forward stroke until we were heading in but, muscle memory will kick in once I get out there and paddle on a regular basis. This trip reminded why I love still water and had me wondering why I hadn't done Stone Lagoon sooner.

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