Saturday, September 15, 2007


Man, I LOVE Friday. To be caught by a photographer while enjoying a local fundraiser Friday night on Woodley Island was one thing, but to find myself on the front page ABOVE the fold was quite another. Oysters & Ale coverage. Apparently he had been on the hunt for the perfect shot of both the oysters and the beer in one shot and I managed to hold them both in one hand in a way that pleased him. Mark and I were having a good time and I apparently had enough beer that I didn't care.

I have to tell you, the Lost Coast Double Porter is to die and will give their 8-Ball Stout a run for my money. It was running a little foamy apparently through no fault of the tap-tender, Paul Gallegos though it was fun to give the D.A a bad time about having no beer-tapping experience. I will definitely give that brew another shot.

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Monica Topping said...

My mommy on the front of the newspaper... it makes me happy on the inside.