Saturday, September 8, 2007


With homework assignments looming, I felt the need to go play first this weekend. This morning, I had what I would consider a complete Humboldt experience. I had checked out the Humboats website to see about the kayak rental process and found that they offer “Learn to Kayak” sessions made for people with no kayaking experience. I wanted to get back out on an enclosed kayak again and thought that lessons for the neophyte would be perfect.

Hawk Martin is an incredibly patient teacher. He limits the class size to four so I really felt as if I was receiving adequate attention to keep me out of trouble. I tend to be nervous then, as soon as I have JUST enough information, I’m off and often in trouble. But, we paddled and learned, learned and paddled some more. More than two and a half hours on the water and I really feel confident enough to head out again. I even managed to climb back OUT of the kayak without falling in or embarrassing myself too much. I look forward to checking out the social paddles on Thursday evenings now that I’m getting the hang of this.

As if the paddle around Humboldt Bay wasn't enough, I spotted a TUNA banner on a vessel down Dock A from Humboats when I arrived so, after I said goodbye to my paddling partners, I walked up to see about dinner. It was great to find the crew of the FV Gladnik busy filleting on deck which meant they had some thawed fish. Often, you have to talk to the captain on Saturday so they can thaw a fish to have for Sunday dinner. I happily stood by while they dressed out a nice 15+ pounder. If you’ve ever fileted a tuna and had a kitchen covered with scales, you know that five bucks is a small price to pay for someone ELSE to do it. I had them give me the red meat and belly meat for the cats.

I still have canned albacore left from last season when I put up a BUNCH so I think we’ll be barbecuing this baby for Sunday dinner tomorrow. THAT will be the full Humboldt experience.

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Monica Topping said...

mmm... belly meat. haha. I wanna go kayaking now!