Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm Gonna Miss Ya Harry....

I may not be the first in town but I’m sure I’m not the last to FINALLY finish reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – the final installment of the series. I tried desperately to finish it up before the semester started since I knew I’d have actual ACADEMIC reading to do. Plus, I was sure someone would spoil it for me. In an effort to refresh my memory on what happened in previous books, I checked Sparknotes but found that often references were made to events that were in the future of where I was so I slammed the door on that. I’ve been carting that enormous final tome around with me, reading pages whenever I could manage a break to "commune with Harry" but it seemed I would NEVER get to page 759. Not much leisure time for reading anymore, I’m afraid.

Last night, I was close enough to the end and the book was getting edge-of-your-seat intense so I decided the world would have to wait while I finished. "NO -- No dinner till I’m done with Harry! " I'm sure the neighbors heard me yell when I got to the last word. Just so you know, the last word is “well”….. That’s ALL I’m telling you. I’m not a spoiler.

It was a great book. A great series. I’m glad I started so I knew what my kids were reading oh so many years ago…. And I’m REALLY glad I’m done. I’m exhausted. But now there's no more story to look forward to. Wait! I still haven't seen the movie for year five so I guess I have three more movies to anticipate.

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