Sunday, October 28, 2007


I was so proud of this pie I had to share it -- at least pictures of it. I made a pie crust that was either a little dry or (more likely) I hadn’t rolled it out thin enough. So, figuring the top crust would crack I decided to do a lattice top. I was digging through my drawer of kitchen tools looking for the edger I used to cut the strips and came across the noodle cutter…hmmmm. I used it to cut tiny strips and put them on the pie. Is this not fabulous?! Raw was pretty. Baked was better.

This was just a standard apple pie save for the bits of thyme I added. I’ve been trying that more lately since I’m always overrun with fresh herbs from the garden and looking for new places to use them. Peach and basil pie was also to die for.


HopeyT said...

I would have to say that pie was possibly the best apple pie you've made. The crust wasn't dry, it was yummy and i'm not sure what it is but the sauce (clear/cinnaminy) from the apples is sooo delish. the thyme helped mix it up to. I LOVE APPLE PIE!!

p.s. don't forget, it's almost pumpkin pie season!!!!

Monica... Media Professional said...

*drool* I could seriously eat this stuff for breakfast every single day, given the opportunity. It was sooo yummy. And pretty!

It almost makes me wish I had the time, energy, and know-how to bake.

Almost. :-)

At least I know when you do it, it's gonna turn out.