Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Remember when kids would dress up for Halloween as cowboys and princesses and firemen and baseball players and flower children? Do you have any idea how difficult it is when you work on a college campus on Halloween and you pass a guy wearing a plaid shirt and a cowboy hat standing with a duck-hunter guy in full camo and then you pass a "Mormon Boy" in short-sleeved white shirt, skinny tie and satchel then a girl with purple hair and zebra-striped pajama pants and you can't compliment ANY of them on their costume just in case THEY WEREN'T WEARING ONE!
Thank goodness for the people in the Business Office, HR, Financial Aid and Counseling offices that do the Halloween dress-up thing proper. Even on this campus, there's no mistaking a witch with a purple feathered hat or a man in top hat and tails for standard college kids. Dr. Blair from Disabled Student Services in her black leather, spiked wrist bands, tattoos and piercings would have blended in had I not recognized her face. It's fun having such a diverse population to work around. Is this a great country or WHAT?!

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