Monday, January 21, 2008


Though still a little chilly, the sun got me out in the garden for a little post-winter cleanup, better late than never. Tended to the hens who also seem to be coming out of their winter funk, feathers replenished and an occasional green egg to show their enthusiasm. The garden looks a little tidier, I feel less guilty and maybe a little invigorated.
Thank goodness for the three-day weekend but this is the first time since high school that I can remember NOT being excited about the start of the new semester but start it tomorrow I shall. I have just one REAL class, an online Computer Literacy class. Even though I’ve been using a PC for more than twenty years, I know this won’t be a cake-walk. In fact, I hope to better understand what the hell I’m supposed to be doing with this chunk of electronics that entertains me for the better part of my day.
The Computer class is four units which allowed me to step out side the academic box and, for the first time, take a one-unit PE class. Yeah for exercise gear instead of a textbook. I just needed five units this semester to finish my A.S. degree. Considering I’ve laughed about getting my 2-year degree on the ten-year plan, finishing in eight isn’t bad. Actually, I looked back and my first class at CR was in 2000 when Monica and I took Spanish together….probably the reason Angela isn’t teaching at the college anymore, poor thing. I really didn’t take anything more than a couple half-unit classes until 2003 then started taking one or two each semester as I could fit them in. Looking at it that way, doing the bulk of my 60 units in five years isn’t too bad though it would have been easier done fresh out of high school. When I graduated from Harbor High, a degree wasn’t required unless you were going to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, maybe a scientist? I wanted to be a “secretary”. I took typing, shorthand, 10-key….viola, I’m a secretary. Actually, I’m an “Administrative Office Assistant” which is PC for….. “secretary” but I still want to be a good one.
God willing, I’ll get through this semester and actually walk with cap and gown in May with an Associates degree in what I call “Random Studies” -- a homemade conglomeration of classes that have helped me to do a better job of what I already do. I started with Digital Media until I ran out of software classes I needed….I really had no interest in animation and creating a video game. Does the world really NEED another video game, especially one designed by a middle-aged woman? If I wrote what I know, I’d end up with The Sims and it’s already been done. So, I switched to a Business major, did my general ed and here I am, months away from a dance with Pomp and Circumstance. I’ll probably take a few more classes just to get better at certain programs I use daily and I DO have a thing for marketing. The nice thing is that I won’t HAVE to do it. I don’t see myself going on to HSU anytime soon, though …who knows what the future might bring.


Anonymous said...

Does the world really NEED another video game, especially one designed by a middle-aged woman?

My God, yes! How about "Scion Slaughter" Where the player is given a Scion XB and goes on a rampage against SUV owners.

Kym said...

I loved the start of semester. It was so new and clean. Hopefully, you'll enjoy this spring. I envy you. I miss school.

The Boy Most Likely to ... said...

Cue the band Europe

It's The Final Countdown

OK stop! I feel like at some cheesy NBA basketball game.

Somebody should say this...Good Luck, and may things go smoothly. I recall my final semester at HSU, and it was stressful. Completing school, looking for work, and trying to shore up the itinerary for my visiting family who were coming to watch me shake the University President's hand.

whew...glad that is over.