Saturday, January 5, 2008


If you know me, you know that the phrase "hazardous seas" is just a taunt to get me out there. And I went, dragging Gloria with me. The road was fun since last night's surge had drug sand over part of the road. It was a bit precarious in my little Xbox with NO ground clearance but we made it. Check these out...The first one is of the north jetty, what you can see of it. You can't see the rocks where I was crawling on Tuesday. Oh..MY...GAWD!
Glo got this video. Just for perspective, that black is the jetty wall where people sit and fish, along which I generally walk. The wave is IN the channel and ENORMOUS. I'd like to tell you it's her voice, all excited and awestruck but, hey, she's sixteen. It was me. Needless to say, no fishing boats and no surfers. Glo and I stayed on the dune as did most of the other people who couldn't resist the call of the "hazardous seas". I can honestly tell you that the scene was truly APOCALYPTIC!
Although I don't know that I've ever seen anything as impressive, Mark reminded me of a big storm in Santa Cruz. I begged him to drive out on to the wharf and I was pissed because my pictures of the waves skimming the bottom of the pier beneath us didn't turn out. I don't know WHY....I was hanging plenty far over the side?! We must have already been married .... I'm not sure he would have married me AFTER that.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!! We were hit hard in Santa Cruz with the storm, 60 mph winds. My yard is a mess, picnic table now across the yard from where it once rested, gas bbq tipped, can't find the cover, & a gate ripped from its hinges.. Our surf is also to be 30 feet. I wanted to go down today but alas didn't make it, our roads are a mess, no electricity & no working traffic lights, so layed low.. But Deb.. I heard its coming up through the wharf again... Debbie

Anonymous said...

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. In this case, Mother Nature.