Thursday, April 24, 2008

'cause You're So Smooth

Proud owner of her driver’s permit, Gloria has been driving us to CR every morning. So today we’re southbound on 101 in the fast lane past Herrick only until everyone in the slow lane decides whether or not to get a “Joe to Go” in Humboldt Hill. Bright red Chrysler mini-van swerving into the bike lane…and back….and forth….WTF? It’s kinda early for a DUI. As we pass, I screw on my best scowl, preparing to find someone on a cell or fumbling with a smoldering spliff….Nope, woman rubbing lotion into her hands….both hands OFF the wheel at 60 mph getting her mitts silky smooth. Keeee RYST woman! At least when she goes off road and is burned to a crisp she’ll have soft fingerprints to identify her body.


Monica... Media Professional said...

That's scary... I'm glad there were no bikes in the aforementioned bike lane. Also glad that you were in the car with Glo, so she wasn't out there on her own and having to deal with this.

I'm less concerned about the idiot woman taking herself out in a crash, but involuntarily taking out people around her. Sometimes it's hard to think beyond your steering wheel... or your dry hands.

Sandi said...

Ding dang! You coulda at least waived at me!!! Just kidding, people can be idiot drivers and she's a surpreme example.