Friday, April 11, 2008


As a child, much time was spent around a creek in my neighborhood in Santa Cruz, collecting pollywogs to watch them as they grew legs and metamorphed into frogs. Those days have left me with a fascination for standing water....ponds, puddles, creeks, always on the lookout for frogs or newts. This week I was rewarded. Checking out a bit of the waterway that surrounds CR, a place where I've toted my camera hoping to capture the bright greens of moss, I checked the water and found HUNDREDS of tadpoles....the water truly teeming with them. Then, I found Mom...or was it Dad, keeping an eye on the young`uns.


Kym said...

I love watching the frogs this time of year. Hopefully our pond will get some tadpoles. There are oodles of eggs.

Sandi said...

So cool! I love tadpoles! Our creek runs too fast so my kids haven't got to experience the fun of raising these little fellas.