Sunday, August 3, 2008


Back out on Big Lagoon this morning for a little S & M.....while that might catch Kristabel's attention, it is just a class on Strokes and Maneuvers taught by Marna at Kayak Zaks. Learned a little more and am getting more secure on the water. Secure enough, in fact, to take a picture or two. Nothing special....just good that I'm getting comfortable enough to pop open the Pelican box I use to keep the camera dry. I even got a shot of the cormorants I mentioned after last week's paddle.
From the business side, I know it's better for Marna if everyone shows for classes but three cancellations on her way in meant great instruction ratio for the two of us remaining. After a quick overview on shore, three of us headed out on the water to learn different methods of turning and maneuvering. The more I'm out, the more comfortable I am so I took Marna up on the offer to use the kayak after the lesson was over to practice some of the moves we learned. Water toys to toss in the water and practice drawing myself sideways to retrieve it. It wasn't a sunny morning but plenty nice out there.

As we bobbed along on the Lagoon, watching Marna then trying the moves on our own, I catch a whiff coming from the camping area nearby. Nope, not bacon or french toast. Yeah, who doesn't like a bowl-load with their bowl of Cheerios. Good morning campers! Now I've got Kulica's version of "Bong Hits for Breakfast" in my head (of course I can't find a link to that song).

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