Monday, August 4, 2008


Inspired by Jack's recent blogs, spotting whales in Trinidad Harbor, I packed up a pasta salad picnic and we headed north a little dinner al fresco at the Memorial Lighthouse. Of course, the promised sunny evening did not appear so we were left with sweatshirt weather as the sky grew ever darker. Squinting into the dim ocean, I caught site of a spout and ran for the camera. We watched what appeared to be two or three whales in the area around the haystack, rise to the surface, take a breath than tip their tale to taunt those of us that watched from shore. Mark and Glo decided they were "just krillin'". We kept watch until it was too dark to see much and sweatshirts became inadequate. Whales were there indeed. Thanks, Jack, for the inspiration.


Kym said...

Lucky! We played our way south from Crescent City this last weekend and never saw a whale tail. I'm jealous.

Jack said...

Good lord. Not only do you say nice thing about me (I now question your integrity and taste) but on top of it this blog rocks!

Incredible. How did I miss this? I'm now a regular.