Thursday, February 26, 2009

Slipping into Darkness

It is a slippery slope on which we all seem to abide - possible though exaggerated.

Two days after the election of our new president, the opposition were readying their ammunition. They predict failure while refusing to make the transition easy. No point in giving the new Prez few more weeks to solve the national debt and end the wars in which we are embroiled After all, it's taken a few years to get INTO this mess. He should be able to clear it up in 100 days, right? Could it be that failure would make them happiest?

There are the high school parents POSITIVE that their children will be forced into a graduation process they don't want. No threats have come from on high. No edicts handed down. But they are SO sure it will happen that the yahoo group rumbles daily with the predictions. Their concern is for their kids but, really, do the kids even care?

And finally, our union rank and file are certain that the State budget will be used against them. Granted, raises taken by past administrations concurrent with staff benefit cuts has left them gun shy but lets give this group a shot. Keep your eyes open this time around so you see the shot coming but don't call the authorities until the crime has been committed.

Why is everyone so sure the worst will happen? Why not be vigilant. Be involved. Be proactive. I'm not looking for Kumbaya but, dang people.... these bitch-fests are getting tiresome.


Fred said...

"...while refusing to make the transition easy.".

That's not the impression I've gotten. Seems to me the Bush folks have been more than helpful in bringing the Obama folks into the White House, even having Obama come in for briefings before he was inaugurated.

Kind of the opposite from what happened when Bush went in to replace Clinton and Clinton only grudgingly met with Bush. Then, there were reports of vandalism taking place in the White House as the Clinton folks left- taking the 'W' keys from all the White House computer keyboards probably the best known incident.

Kym said...

Folk of whatever political stripe or social interaction that seem determined to believe the worst are very difficult to deal with.

I've been ignoring the AR broohaha because Quinn hasn't seemed concerned.

Gloria said...

Gloria also doesn't care about the "broohaha" at AR.