Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby Come Back

So what am I to think here.....? Upon receiving word of the demise of Gottschalks, I contacted the credit department and closed my account. Even with a zero balance, I figured there was a potential for drama on my credit report that would be impossible to clear up for years to come. This week, I get a lovely letter expressing dismay that I have chosen to close my account.... Hello, you closed your whole damn store! Reading further, they offer me a discount for reconsidering. So, do you suppose the liquidators will honor the discount considering they won't even accept the card on sale items? I understand this is a bank not really affiliated with Gottschalks. In fact, I have a Bose account through the same bank and I have my eye on a sound you suppose.....? Seriously, this mailing must have cost someone (who could ill afford it) a chunk of money.


beachcomber said...

I got a referral to my blog from a Fresno Bee reporter...That doesn't happen much...
Gottschalks reference

Anonymous said...

How about this one:

I have a store credit and they will not reimburse me! Cannot use it in the store either as they are not really "Gottschalks" anymore!