Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Know That It's Time For A Cool Change

I laughed at my ugly lunch ensemble at work a while back so thought I would share it, in honor of Earth Day. You will see no frozen entrees. No prepackaged cheese and crackers. No plastic forks. I use this worn-out little tote that I got from the blood bank eons ago. There may have been some yummy leftovers (my kids would call that an oxymoron) or maybe one container had crackers and another, some cheese slices. It looks like a cut up orange in the salsa tub. Real fork and spoon.

I'm environmentally conscious but I'm even more cheap but that's not bad, is it? I carry home my apple core or orange peels to be composted or fed to the hens. The containers are things I can't avoid - yogurt, feta and ricotta cheeses, salsa....but no plastic trays wrapped in plastic wrap, packed in a box. I'm reusing the containers. And I know what I'm eating. It's ugly but like hemp shoes., it's the right thing to do. Reducing. Reusing. Nothing to recycle. Happy Mother's Day to Mother Earth. And enjoy this from April of 1990 when our Girl Scout troop in Minden, NV coordinated a neighborhood trash cleanup. That would be Miss Monica on the right.

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Monica... That One Girl said...

hahaha- Thanks Mom. Might I just point out that it was *extremely* windy that day and my little fountain 'do didn't usually look like that?

1990-- look at those glasses!

Anyway, I will vouch for you, that you've been "green" before it really had a name... and long before it was THE thing to do. I look up to you in that regard (and so many others).

Happy Earth Day. Don't tell Mother Earth that I'll be riding my scooter to school today, instead of walking. :-P