Sunday, April 26, 2009

River Bar Rendezvous

Another first for me on the water, I joined with a couple dozen others for a paddle with the State Park Rangers on the Eel River. It was a fun group with a variety of vessels, from long aluminum canoes to short river kayaks. From wetsuits to shorts and sneakers. We put in at the rocky beach at Williams Grove on the Avenue and, after a group shot and a "kumbaya moment" (in racing, they call it a driver's meeting), headed out for what the Rangers Richard B. was sure would be the last chance for the season - water levels were dropping and we dragged our collective bottoms more than once.
We took out at Canoe Creek and climbed up to see the affects of the 2003 Canoe Fire. The area was showing signs of recovery, covered with bright greens of redwood sorrel and wild roses. Ranger Alan pointed out the distinct differences in damage done, the charring reaching much higher on trees that had been surrounded by slash left behind during timber harvest.
We continued on, working our way through the shallows and ripples and wind, lunching on the beach at Burlingame then (finally) pulled out where we had shuttled our cars, at Leatherville, just south of Dyerville. It was fun and exhausting and another notch in my belt. We are truly fortunate to live here, people. I love taking opportunities to see this county from a different angle.
My title is intended to taunt Eko back from the dark side......come on....we KNOW you're out there.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but the dark side is so alluring. Thanks for the mention.

Ekovo_ .....(no, I can't do it! He's dead to me!!!!)

Eel River Ernie said...

We use our drift boat to fish that run during the winter whenever the weather and water conditions allow. Absolutely beautiful trip, we even sometimes catch a fish or two.

Who is this shadowy Ek...x person you refer to? I used to know someone by that handle, seems like he was from Willow Crick or some such place.

Indie said...

Wonderful post, great pics, as usual. I wish I would just get out and paddle SOMETHING! I am so envious. This must enrich your life and your spirit so much.

beachcomber said...

Ekov....I KNEW I could draw you in...BWAHAHAHAHA!