Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy 16th Birthday, Gloria Rose

Hard as it is to imagine, sixteen years ago I was probably curled up in a birthing room at Carson-Tahoe Hospital in Carson City, holding my newborn baby girl. It was the day before Thanksgiving and I had gone in early for a stress-test to make sure she was turned around (she had been breech for a while) in the oven and not over-done. After the pitosin drip had been turned off and contractions stopped, Dr. Breeden looked at me and said…ya know, if we induce, we can BOTH enjoy our Thanksgiving tomorrow”. Mark and I looked at each other knowing that the minute I got dressed and headed home, my water would break. Family was on their way up from Santa Cruz. What the heck – do it! Four hours later, just before Days of Our Lives was scheduled to start, Gloria Rose made her appearance. Hot damn…bring me lunch and turn on my soap!

My family arrived at our house to find a note on the door telling them where we were. They let themselves in and started meal prep and we came home with Gloria on Thursday with the smell of turkey already wafting through the air. Sixteen years have flown by. Glo has always been her own person - smart, independent. Not one to do what everyone else is doing (unless of course she REALLY wants to do it). She loves her Will Smith and Michael Buble as well. She played drums when the other two girls played clarinet. Mark was pleased that he finally had a small child that would sit with him through an entire NASCAR race. She was riding on the back of the motorcycles at four and a half. Started kindergarten a early and was reading when first graders were still guessing at words. She was ahead of the other older kids in her class all the way through elementary school. Even now, she’s the youngest junior at the Academy of the Redwoods.

So, Happy Birthday Gloria Rose. You’ll always be my baby and probably will always be “Shorty” to Hope, even though you're almost as tall as she is.


Monica... Media Professional said...

It's the waffle-stompers with the dress that really makes that picture what it is. :-)

Congratulations on making it through 16 years of your youngest kid's life.... You only have a couple of years left til you and dad can kick 'er out. heehee

Anonymous said...

Who dresses their kid like that?

Oh, that's right....the parents of our era.

You done good. As far as I can tell on the raising of your daughters. At least that's what everyone around town thinks.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your past posts.
This is going to be fun.

Ain't blogging fun! Rant, reminisce and reflect...all in one.

Ever notice the local political blogs are really not much fun.
Shane, I didn't mean you. of course.
But, I can only take that negative energy for so long.
Wow, did I just sound like an old hippie?

Rhan Wilson said...

I got so caught up reading this blog that I didn't notice the outfit.
Yes, congrats being a mom and raising what sounds like a good musical kid.

And keep writing! It's good for you.

Rhan Wilson

Beachcomber said...

I, of course, dressed my children as I would dress. Poor kids. Monica was horrified to find bell-bottoms in the box of her clothes we pulled out for Hope. This is how parents do passive-aggressive, I guess.

I agree about the political blogs. It's like watching Jerry Springer sometimes. Up the blood pressure!