Friday, November 16, 2007

Out of the Nest and Into the Laundry Basket

I have to know. Am I the only working mom out there that folds their kids’ clothes? I realize that I’m somewhat OCD when it comes to domestic skills (that murmuring sound is my girls saying “SOMEWHAT?!”). I know there are families out there that are content to live out of huge piles of clean and sometimes sorted clothes. I was buying hangers today and the clerk said…”Nope, I don’t fold my kids clothes. I sort them and they’re on their own.”

When I went back to work full-time, I missed cooking. I missed keeping house. I didn't necessarily miss laundry but I still want it done right. And I don't want my kids doing their own if it means running a tub full of laundry to wash a pair of jeans.
I fold clothes as they come out of the dryer since they’re warm and generally wrinkle-free at that point. Sometimes they get tumbled around in the dryer with damp towels for DAYS with a t-shirt getting folded here or there when I don’t have a lot of time to spend. I feel like I spend an inordinate amount of time with freakin’ TANK TOPS. It’s not like we live in Sacramento. These are tanks for LAYERING….ohhhhhhh. Crap! There are a bunch when they’re worn two at a time. And my babies are teenagers. They will throw a load in the wash on occasion but pretty much their laundry work beyond that is limited to pulling jeans out of the dryer to wear.

Am I the only dinosaur still alive? Is it time to teach them? I think so.

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HopeyT said...

i think your complaint is wack. my mother folds my clothes and i appreciate it. i tell her so everyday...oh wait. no i don't. thanks for folding my clothes mom!
this is how it is