Sunday, November 4, 2007

What The *&%$...Heck?!

So...I'm shopping in the hardware store and see a family...husband, wife, boy teenager and girl teenager.....maybe even a younger kid as well. Dad is wearing a t-shirt that says "RESPECT BITCHES". What the &%$#?! My mind reeled:
  • Have I totally lost my sense of humor or what?
  • Exactly what message is that sending to his kids?
  • What is his wife thinking?!
  • What message is that sending to his son?
  • I hope to GAWD my girls don't date his son because the parents have NO sense of parenting.
  • This is not all right.
  • What message is he sending to his daughter?
I actually googled the shirt as an image for this post but decided against promoting crap like this. Maybe Dad wears a "My wife's a HO" shirt on Sundays. Maybe the kids bought it for Father's Day. Geez Loo-eez!

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