Friday, December 14, 2007


So, I’m sitting in post-work traffic on Broadway last night. I’ve got my music in my car turned up playing Christmas music…the day was harried preparing for graduation and I needed to ….mellow out. The song changes and all of a sudden my car is vibrating. Oh HELL, what is wrong with my car. The windows were buzzing. My EARS were vibrating. Crap, did I blow out my speakers with Christmas music? Is that even POSSIBLE?! I turn down the music. Still the vibration continues. I turn OFF the music and I hear this bmpfh bmpfh bmpfh sound. I roll down my window and realize this DORK in a silver Durango, BIG ram decal in the back window just in case we didn’t know it’s a Dodge…is noddin’ his head to this noise. His passenger side window is down -- apparently to let in the balmy forty degree air …. Or perhaps just to share his “music”. Honest to god, this crap about “If its too loud, you’re too old” is bullshit. NO, if I can’t hear MY music, yours is just TOO FREAKIN’ LOUD. He glances over at me and grins as if to say “ain’t I neat”. I rolled up my window. What an idiot! Small penis syndrome...
I was in a quandary about posting this because that would be TWO blogs in a short period that illustrates I may be aging in the music world. But ya know what, I’m not too old. I’m not… I’m not…I’m…what, huh? oh yeah….I”m not!

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