Saturday, December 22, 2007

Three down...biscotti to go

I've been getting caught up on my Christmas baking and have three batches mixed, shaped, baked and stuffed into their tins. I didn't do doubles this year because it seems we always hit a point of "no mas" on the cooky front. I made our favorites - Russian Tea Cookies, Candy Cane cookies and Thumbprints with fudgy chocolate frosting in the middle. I have biscotti dough just chillin until I bake it and that should do it. Considering it's just a few of us for Christmas, I'd say that's MORE than enough. I suspect I'll be sharing. Thank goodness for the yummy smell of butter and vanilla. Merry Christmas.


sherry said...

Yeah! candy cane cookies.My favorite, Mom makes them all the time.Are they A Grandma Limandri recipe? Even thoughh I like to bake Iam not very good at it and I never make the time. I better learn to make candy cane cookies so we can keep them in the family.Thanks for the warm feeling you gave my heart when I saw the candy canes and read about the pastry blender.

Beachcomber said...

Yep, Grandma's recipe. I didn't do sunbuckles this year but usually do...Mark loves `em. I'm glad your mom makes candy canes, still. I was never very good at them when I was younger but practice makes perfect!