Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The sun has just come out on what has been previously a bone-chilling cold day after Christmas. I spent the morning combing the thrift stores which is a treat for me and the first thing I think of doing when I have a weekday off. Now I’m home, I’ve built a fire and will try to pick up some.

Clutter is getting to me. At least BEFORE Christmas, the packages are all tucked neatly under the tree. The lights and garland hung nicely (except when Vince’s tail swooshes by and half the garland falls down – damn that happy dog anyway). Now that Christmas has past, all the debris remains. Random boxes, pieces of ribbon, wads of tissue. I pick up a little each time I pass through. Hopefully I’ll clear a path for the vacuum by tomorrow.

For now, my de-clutter project is my desk upstairs. Classes are over for the fall and grades are in…. I got A’s in both classes?! Yeah me. If I had a report card, I’d pin it on the refrigerator. Instead, I’ve cleared out my binder and tossed the syllabi (that’s two syllabuses, I think). I’m keeping the book from the database class for future reference but the Evidence book will soon be listed for sale to be replaced by some other text. At the cost of those things, you’d thing they were heirlooms. I’ve tucked all my new Post-It notes and flags along with shiny pointy highlighters in my desk – Santa often hit’s the office-supply store and fills our stockings with cool stuff.

As I clear, I purge. I’ve found homes for much usable-but-not-by-me stuff by offering them on freecycle. If you haven’t yet discovered freecycle, it’s the ultimate in recycling and regifting and I highly recommend it. You list what you have and are willing to give away and the ads are read by people who want your stuff. Some people list “wants” so you scan the ads see if you have what they’re looking for. Of course, there are occasionally ballsy people looking for valuable items but I suspect I’m not the only one that rolls my eyes when someone asks for a laptop or digital camera THEN get picky about the specs. It’s a great opportunity to get and share. I’m back to the big purge. Am I the only one with a drawer full of return-address labels from various organizations.....

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