Friday, December 7, 2007


So I have to bring up a point about big, gas-guzzling vehicles that never gets mentioned. The apparently inability of the drivers to PARK. I went to Costco after work. It's pretty busy at that time so parking is generally at a premium. Mind you, I don't mind walking and will usually park out in the boonies before I'll SIT and WAIT for an easy spot. Mind you also that I used to drive a full size van. Did it for YEARS. Found it somewhat annoying that parking spaces were getting smaller and it was often a tight fit in the compact spots for a decidedly UNcompact vehicle. I now park my xB smugly in a half of a spot. What PISSES ME OFF is people like this guy that selfishly took up two, maybe three spots when he whipped his behemouth truck into an entire zone of the lot. Just a thought people but....if you can't park it PERHAPS YOU SHOULDN'T DRIVE IT!


Anonymous said...

If you want a real hoot, park your XB in between two giant SUV's then stand back and look at the size comparison. It really makes them look foolish for having such a giant ass vehicle.

Of course, they are sneering at you for the same thing in reverse. But, it does show that we can use the XB for everything they use their lardo machine for. Especially for going to the grocery store.

cecilia said...

Hey you - you know what I feel about these drivers, not sure you've read older posts on my blog, but there are plenty of rants about SUV's in compact spaces, making it impossible for me to get myself or my kid in/out of our car.
Maybe we should start some kind of campaign together:).

Take care