Monday, February 4, 2008


Wait…what is that in the sky? It’s bright and blinding, dare I say it…warm? Must walk. Must gather equipment:

Shades(to protect eyes from those rays)? Check.

iPod (on shuffle as am I)? Check.

Cellphone…(in case the tweakers at 9th and K are bashing the piano with an ax again)? Check.

Camera (to record my findings on this unusual day)? Check.

Pocketed sweatshirt with “menacing hood” option? Check.

To the waterfront and back. Amazing how we really appreciate the sun in the middle of a wet winter. Made my day!


Anonymous said...

9th and K? Damn, just around the corner from where I work.

Nooooooooo.....not a hoodie!

Monica... Media Professional said...

My mom's a hoodlum. I knew it.

I wish I could have gotten out for a walk today. Even contemplated coming home and digging my lawn chair out of the garage so I could read on my balcony. Then I got home and the sun started going down.

Thus is life. Here's to hoping the sun sticks around for my walk(s) to/from school tomorrow.

The Boy Most Likely to ... said...

Yeah, I am about all used up going through bike ride withdrawl. Of course Sunday was a nice day, in Arcata, but that dawg gone Super Bowl was on, and I had this small concern that was a party. I so badly wanted to have my friends finish cooking and take off on my bike.

Tomorrow morning! (fingers crossed)


Kym said...

I felt the same way yesterday. To heck with chores. I need sun. And I do feel better having an hour walk--sans hoodie;>