Sunday, February 17, 2008


"My ideas didn't seem to carry much weight with the local constabulary. Behind the toiletries was a paperback, which I imagined from its brittle condition to be reading material Laura took into the sauna. It was a day-by-day meditation book, advocating strength and courage and calm."

Monica has tagged me which, in turn, reminded me that I'd already been tagged by Kym. I had forgotten but honesty didn't know how to react. I really hope I don't have to do this twice since I don't know many people that blog so have no idea who to tag in return. I wasn't sure if it would be seen much like an e-mail forward that you're required to forward to eighteen unsuspecting friends lest you be doomed to have the worst luck in all you attempt. I hope not. I NEVER send forwards.

When I am in a reading cycle, I get little else accomplished so I've not gotten INTO a cycle for awhile. I mostly read magazines so I grabbed the latest issue of Oprah, flipped to the page to find an advertisement. Line five had something about intestinal tracts and bloating. Ewwww. So, I went to my shelf of paperback murder mysteries, collected at thrift stores and garage sales, and grabbed the book I will most likely read when I next have the chance. The main character of this author's books is a caterer and all book titles are cooking puns - Dying for Chocolate....Sticks and Scones....I think this is the first in the series but I've never read it.

So, the rules:
1. Curse the person who tagged you. (I can't curse my beautiful eldest. She has made me a Queen mother).
2. Grab the nearest book. (I haven't read for pleasure for SO long though I did manage to get through Harry Potter but little else got done).
3. Open it to page 123.
4. Find the fifth sentence.
5. Post the next three sentences.
6. Tag five people. Sorry guys but maybe you have something juicy or historical to quote .... Eko, Ernie, Fred, Huck, Sandi

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Kym said...

Yep the awful part is not the actual post but tagging others. I always stick the names in quietly and let them pretend they never saw it if they want. (I hate those email forwards and never do them ever!) I think the point of a meme is actually to accrue tags from others so that your blog gets value added ie with technorati (somehow I feel like that is cheating though!)