Wednesday, February 27, 2008


If I won the lottery tomorrow, I can't say for sure if I'd continue working; I guess it would depend on the amount of the winnings. But as long as I have to work, I couldn't ask for a prettier place to have to be each morning.It's so easy to take it for granted. The deer that I had to stop for last week. The squirrels that run past our building. This little dock (at least I think that's what it was) over the mossy lake. I parked at Creative Arts and walked down to the lake before work getting my feet a little soggy in the wet grass but I'm glad I stopped.


The Boy Most Likely to ... said...

I totally read the Title of the Post, and thought you were gonna write about Loverboy.

Yes, you do work in such a beautiful place.

I am not sure I could quit working if I won the lottery. I actually like my job still.


Kym said...

I've loved College of the Redwoods ever since I went there in the late '80's. I t is a beautiful campus. Today I watched a deer peacefully grazing by the parking lot. Now that my son is attending AR, I love it even more.

Beachcomber said...

OMG Kym...How did I not know that?! With a mere 150 kids, I'm sure my Gloria must know your son. We'll no doubt run into each other at some point. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

That lake....sheesh..can't they just pave it and put in a parking lot!......(just kidding) Ouch..Hey, that hurts...I was kidding!!

Sandi said...

Love the pics! It's so easy to forget that that place is even there. So pretty and peaceful.