Friday, February 6, 2009

Don't Cross the River If You Can't Swim The Tide

Kellogg pulled the plug on Michael Phelps. He's been sanctioned up the wazoo - and he deserves it. Stupid boy mistake. Of course, one mistake does not negate his achievements. He's worked plenty hard to get where he is and hopefully he'll make amends by speaking at schools about what he lost because of poor judgment. There are plenty of kids who don't think at all about their future and how that arrest or slutty myspace picture of them with a joint will look when a future employer looks into their background.

What I want to see, now, is a picture of the person who took the famous picture of Phelps with his lips wrapped around a bong. Granted, maybe this was payback for being brushed aside by Phelps but..... I want to see his or her face. I want to see what a petty whiner looks like who would ruin the life of a kid who has broken world records. I want prospective employers and mates to see the face of the person who would get so much pleasure out of causing someone pain, just for the two grand they received from a tabloid. We have more to fear from people like that than from Michael Phelps momentary lapse of judgement and a quick hit of herb.

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Kym said...

Well, of the last three presidents all three have drug use of one kind or another in their lives. It seems to me that Kellogg's is mightly out of step with most of America.

I agree that the person who would sell that photo should be ashamed. My first reaction is nobody's going to want to hang around with that idiot again.