Thursday, February 5, 2009

You're a Grand Old Flag - updated

We have a new President. The country (hopefully) has a new look. I thought it was time for a new flag. Bright. Clean. Without tatters.

I've always flown a flag on holidays including the near month-long stretch between Flag Day June 12 and the 4th of July. When the Gulf War started, I flew the flag daily, putting out first thing in the morning and bringing it in at night. I've been doing that ever since. My years as a Girl Scout gave me a decent grasp of flag etiquette so I've replaced my flag a few times when it became faded or worn. In Nevada, our troop even took on the responsibility of collecting retired flags in the community and burning them in a special ceremony at campfire.

The last flag I bought was cotton because I like the way it hangs. Unfortunately, it also fades and frays. Sometime over the winter, the wind whipped Old Glory until she caught her hem on the cleat holding her cord. The flag continued to flutter in the wind, tearing the edge. Although I should have repaired it, I continued to fly it which just made it worse. We finally decided it was time to retire the poor example of the Stars and Stripes. The new polyester flag arrived this week. Stitched stripes and embroidered stars. I painted the ball for the top of the pole and bought a new clip to hold it on. She has been flying proudly for the past week. Now we need to plan a bonfire on the beach to respectfully retire the old one that served us well.
UPDATE: I try and always buy "Made in the USA" - especially with a flag.


Carson Park Ranger said...

Stars and stripes bunting for the windows would be a nice touch.

Shane said...

Did you check to see if it is a genuine American flag?

I bought three or four flags on sale a few years ago. When I got home I realized that I had actually purchased Chinese flags in disguise. They only looked like American flags!

I'm sure some sweatshop slave really enjoyed making them for me.

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