Friday, June 13, 2008


To the melancholy sound of bagpipes, we pushed another flock of fledglings from the nest today. Bagpipes can rip at the heartstrings, the sound of funerals...for cops, firefighters and soldiers. Public servants called to different duties. Today's bagpipes, however, were happy. The cadence directing the marching in and marching out, accompanied by the sound of nervous stomachs and cheering families. With basic training under their belts, we sent them off to make their way. Some to agencies where they will continue their training. Others will not enter law enforcement but will still somehow use the training they gained over the past 23 least we hope they will.

We hope to see them again. They will return for continuing training. Or drop us a note to catch us up on their progress. Their lives. We will miss them all. And in just three weeks, the nest will again be feathered in preparation for another flock. Another group to prepare for the world that will demand their help and seldom appreciate it.


Kym said...

You tugged at my heart with this one.

Sandi said...

Yeah! Another job well done :-).