Friday, June 13, 2008


The birds have flown (see previous blog) and so will we. We are heading out on a wondrous road trip but one to which we must fly.

We all knew that last summer's road trip a la Griswold would likely be the last with Hope since her grown-up status has her juggling school and job. As we discussed options with Glo, nothing we suggested seemed to inspire her. "I want to go someplace Boston". When Mark and I made our first east coast trek three years ago, we traveled north from Virginia, ending in Boston. We planned to continue that trip eventually so....why not now?

This will be Miss Glo's first flight so she's extra excited. We will fly in and out of Boston and will hopefully show her some tangible bits of history. TRY to excite her a bit about seeing places she had only been bored by in history classes. Beyond Boston, we will venture over coastal Maine, New Hampshire and into Nova Scotia where we will (hopefully) witness the great tidal exchange of the Bay of Fundy. I fully intend to walk on the ocean floor at low tide, mud squooshing between my toes. We have no schedule. No real timeline. A true road trip.


Anonymous said...

Nova Scotia...I'm so jealous. When you are there, visit former president George and Mrs. Bush at Kennebunktport. Tell them I said, hi.

Anonymous said...

When you are in Maine, that is.

beachcomber said...

Ha ha....we were actually IN Kennebunk yesterday. Ya know, I don't think they were listed in the directory.